THM2G Case Studies

Case Studies

We’re proud of the success that we have achieved for our clients over the years. Here, you’ll find some of our best examples of THM2G’s ability to develop personalized solutions for all of our clients and their niche markets.

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Colorado Springs Shuttle Full Case Study

When THM2G was brought in to Colorado Springs Shuttle, the owner had just purchased the business for $100,000. We were brought in for media buying and placement. Instead we told the owner that he should step back, re-brand to a more visible and consistent image. We recommended taking any media money and putting it into designs and van wraps first. Once that was done, a new series of TV commercials were created and then the media buy and placements that we were initially hired for began! In the end Goome Transportation aquired Colorado Springs Shuttle for $3.5 Million.




Shuttle Van




Before and After Commercials

New Marketing Assets

New Billboards

New Display Ads

Google My Business Success

Luisa Graff Jewelers

Google My Business Luisa Graff Jewelers Post Reach

Peak Kia

Google My Business Peak Kia Post Reach